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virus removal, file recovery, harddrive, motherboard, data recovery

Is your Laptop or Desktop system running very slowly and having strange reminders saying you need protection when you already have it or Pop ups on your screen?

Or your hard drive is failing etc . You may have a Trojan. If you are experiencing strange messages asking you to pay for anti-virus or a package to get rid of the problem.... NEVER DO IT! Call us for some free advice.


Supplying Full DATA recovery on Hard Drives - DATA recovery on External Drives - DATA recovery on MAC and PC Drives - DATA Recovery on Laptops - DATA recovery on Servers - DATA recovery on RAID assemblies.


Recovery of your files can sometimes take many hours. The DATA is very sensitive and can go into days for recovery installing and preparing recovery. Often this is an expensive and timely route. The Data Recovery process may have to be done in a specific recovery Laboratory.